January 15, 2010

J. R. Smith Banner Airways

Lori Casillas

Re: David Thomas Lusk Memorial Flight Pismo Beach, Ca. on January 10, 2010

As my family and I stood at the end of the pier in Pismo Beach to witness the dispersal of Tomís ashes, we had time to reflect on how he would have enjoyed being there with us. It was a beautiful day Ė the sky was bright blue, crashing surf against the pier, pelicans and seagulls perched on the railing were posing for pictures and food.

At the appointed time of 11:00 AM, your bright, yellow biplane appeared with American Flags waving as you circled around us, then headed out to sea to disperse his ashes and rose petals. Nothing that we could have planned for Tomís Last Flight would have been more beautiful, meaningful, and heartfelt. It was just what he wanted it to be. He was a WWII Navy Aviator, flying 65 missions in the Pacific Theatre, receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross with Gold Star and the Air Medal. He loved his country and was proud of his service with Crew VPB 104.

Thank you for making this all possible. Your personal attention to every aspect of this flight was greatly appreciated.

Very sincerely yours,

Veronica T. Lusk